In this world of digital marketing almost every business is making the best efforts to advertise it online. But you will be amazed to note that lawyers are not allowed to promote and advertise their business on any ground. Whether you are talking about Chicago injury lawyer or any other lawyer firm, it is impossible to promote your services for your clients. It is quite surprising for many of us to know that and hard to digest this fact as well. So here we will discuss about this thing that why lawyers are not allowed to advertise their business or services for the customers. 

Is it true that Lawyers cannot advertise their service?

This is a full reality that lawyers are not supposed to advertise their services amongst their clients. They cannot involve them in the illegal pursuit of promoting their services in the market to find the valid customers for them. The law does not allow them to do so. Not only in Asian countries like India but many western countries also not allow layers to promote and advertise them for the people to take legal service. Though it is an injustice to the advocates but rule bar then to do so for several reasons. 

Why there is a restriction for advertising on lawyers?

The reason why lawyers are asked to stay away from promoting their services is because of the fact that it gives a wrong message to the masses. Justice is a very renowned and prestigious thing which cannot be sold in the market. This is a sacred thing and advocates cannot sell or buy in the market. This is the entire philosophy that acts as a barrier on the way of lawyers to promote their business on any grounds. If you are also a lawyer then it is very common and easy to understand for you about the nuisance and outcomes if you breach this law and promote your services of legal aid to clients.

Paradox of the statement that lawyers cannot advertise

Although there is a huge buzz that lawyers cannot advertise their business in any form but today we can see a lot of online platforms selling this service indirectly. They are not asking you to switch to their service but at the same time they hint towards claiming them as best legal advisers. So people can take a count of the lawyer from such platforms and approach them too. There should be a proper command on such activities of lawyers who are not following the legal path and advertising their services indirectly to the people.

Who prohibit layers from advertising? 

The rules, law and even certain constitutions inhibit the lawyers to promote their services to the people. The Bar council of India for example is the major body which inhibit the layers in India to advertise their business for the customers. At the same time many other countries have their own bar members and other bodies to regulate this and put a ban of advertising the legal aid or service. 

Lawyer’s stand for restricting their freedom to advertise 

The lawyer are showing a balanced approach towards this rule that they cannot advertise their business. There are lawyers that are not much bothered about this law owing to their massive popularity and heavy load of work.  On the contrary many lawyers are revolting against this law which hinder them and acts as obstacle in their success. As per these lawyers it is an injustice to them to sell their services and intellectual assets. So we can see a mixed stand of lawyers in this context. 


So this is how we can reach to a conclusion that lawyers cannot advertise their business. But at the same time there are many lawyers who are breaching this line and involved in promoting them indirectly through online platforms. We can also see the miracle that although lawyers do not promote them in the market still customers manage to find them easily. It send a message and big blow to the digital marketing agencies that it is not crucial to advertise everything to see a success in the business. If a business is good, it can relish the success naturally too.